Munchkin 101

This video shows you everything you need to know about the Munchkin cat.  Wikipedia states that – The Munchkin is a relatively new breed of cat characterized by its very short ... Continue Reading →

Himalayan doll face

This is Himalayan Doll Face kittens Chocolate and Blue Point. These cats are very cute and huggable. Their playful attitude made them very close and well-loved by their humans. According ... Continue Reading →

Faster than ninja!

Cats are very well-known for their being fast. They act fast, move so stealthily that at times you cannot feel their presence, and instantly you will find them near you. Those surprising ... Continue Reading →

Ragdoll’s special hug…

These Ragdolls are the sweetest. Whoever their human loves, they adore them to bits too! Like the visiting boyfriend who was able to experience and feel first-hand how it is to be loved ... Continue Reading →

Stewie – World’s longest cat!

This is Stewie – short for Mymains Stewart Gilligan, he is the World’s Longest Domestic Cat. His human owner is Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness and he was measured ... Continue Reading →

So grounded for staying out late!

Some one is in trouble! Maine Coon kitty has made a mistake and violated his human mom’s rule. So, what happens now? This kitty is one badly behaving kitty and caused his human ... Continue Reading →

Super cute persian begging & wiping face!

Cooper is one well-behaved and courteous kitty, you might ask why? Well, because he wipes his face after his cat meals and he is so cute while doing this! His humans bought a clicker ... Continue Reading →

Meet the fluffy Maine Coon Luca!

Guys, meet the fluffy and loving Maine Coon named Luca. She is one huge and playful kitty who loves basking in the attention of her humans all the time. She would often snuggle, play, ... Continue Reading →

Persian kitties pool party like no other!

If you think cat’s detest pool parties, think again! Truth is, they love pool parties and you can never get them to leave once they are in for the much awaited play time and F-U-N! Persian ... Continue Reading →

Why they are called ragdolls!

Ever wonder why ragdoll kitties are called – ‘ragdoll?’ Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. We urge you to have a look at this video footage and find ... Continue Reading →

…Of men and cats!

If you are a cat lover, you can offer 101 reasons or more to love cats. But, what if you’re not? But, what’s not to like about cats? Cats are adorable, cute, playful, fun, ... Continue Reading →

Cute Siamese Ragdoll kitty purring…

Meet Billie the Siamese Ragdoll kitty who is so cute, just watching her almost hurts! Have you ever seen this breed mix before? She is so fond of purring, and when she purrs, it even ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Understanding the Himalayan

Animal Planets describes the Himalayan. If you are ever looking for great information about the various breeds and cross breeds of cats out there we have found one great source of ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Two noisy Siamese cats

These two Siamese cats would scare an intruder to death. Turn your volume up and listen to these two Siamese cats talk, or should I say wail. I swear the sounds are enough to scare ... Continue Reading →

Can Maine Coon Cats Count?

Are Maine Coon cats smarter than other breeds I often hear people saying or posting that Maine Coon cats are smarter than other breeds but I have never been fortunate enough to have ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – The leaping Bengal cat

Bengal cats are renowned for their agility and jumping prowess. There is no doubt that some breeds of cats are more agile than other breed and Bengalls seem to be at the top of the ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Little known things you need to know about Sphynx cats.

Sphynx Cats otherwise known as felus catus, are known to have originated from Canada and Egypt. The Sphynx is a breed of cat developed through selective breeding starting in the 1960s, ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat Breed Review – Birman.

Another Video in the cat breed series of informational Videos. This one features the Birman, a fairly rare breed that was almost made extinct during the second World War but a few ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cat Breeds

Watch this listing of the Top 10 Rare and Unusual Cat Breeds around the world as of 2012. This great Video shares some information about these top 10 rare or unusual cat breeds in ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Cat Breed Review: Russian Blue

Today’s cat breed review: The Russian Blue. As the name implies the Russian Blur originates from northern Russia. It is an elegant and stately cat with fierce loyalty and rated ... Continue Reading →