Guest caught on tape….

A guest is someone you take into your home, welcome, feed, and shelter, but he is absolutely NOT someone who is allowed to abuse your cat! Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened ... Continue Reading →

Purple KItten

This is an almost unbelievable story about a cat named ‘Smurf’ who was dyed purple and then purportedly used as a chew toy for a dog. After being rescued he appears to ... Continue Reading →

Abandoned in the snow…

This is another sad story of animal abuse. If you can’t take care of your pets, then don’t get one and abandon them! This is disappointing, as our feline counterparts are ... Continue Reading →

Kitty hoarding…

What you will see next is a shocking video of cat hoarding in Wyoming. This is really appalling and disturbing! Viewer discretion is highly advised. A total of 150 cats were rescued ... Continue Reading →

Felony Cruelty Charges

More cases of cat hording are reaching the courts with owners being charged with felony animal cruelty. Good intentions sometimes go horribly wrong. Like starting to look after 5 to ... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Vet killed cat with bow and arrow

A woman veterinarian based in Texas shot a cat in the head with an arrow then made a post on Facebook that caused so much furor on the web that it immediately went viral after only ... Continue Reading →

Another case of senseless cruelty

From Perth in Australia comes another story of senseless cruelty to a cat. It’s difficult to comprehend, but there’s been a noticeable rise in animal cruelty cases including the ... Continue Reading →

Duct Taped

Some people need to wake up and understand that cats are living beings and have as much right to enjoy their lives as any other being. What people do to animals makes me sick to the ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – A cat’s message on animal cruelty.

Our furbabies like us are breathing, feeling creatures. But they are unable to express it in words. So, they cannot simply tell us whenever they are hurt, hungry, sad, or upset. This ... Continue Reading →

1300 Cats rescued!

In China, there is an existing practice at one of their festivals where 10,000 cats or more get slaughtered and feasted on by festival-goers. This is violently opposed by many animal-lovers ... Continue Reading →

[VIDEO] – Man stops to help hit & run kitty

Poor kitty was sadly a hit and run victim who was ran down by a heartless individual driving a white car who never looked back after the incident. But at least there’s hope for ... Continue Reading →

Adam – Set On Fire

This is poor Adam, from the looks of this kitty you can immediately tell that he has gone through so much in his lifetime. Some humans can be so very cold and not feel any compassion ... Continue Reading →

Justice for Quattro

Three boys aged 6, 10 and 12 plead guilty to torturing a cat which later died. These three little monsters who tried to stone a cat to death were convicted in December of animal cruelty ... Continue Reading →


Remember Justin the poor little kitten that was burned so badly. He became a TV celebrity on The View and now he fosters rescue kittens so they can feel love too. What an incredible ... Continue Reading →