Cat stuck!

The owner of the video shared what happened to this poor kitten:

While taking out the trash, a man saw a cat with it’s head stuck in a can. He asked a passer-by to film him while he attempted to help the kitty, to have something to show his grandchildren later that day at dinner.

People who were able to watch the video has these to say:

Very nice rescue, that is why you should smush your cans closed before discarding them:)

While one of them got really scared that the kitten might get hurt, she shared:

I was so scared that you was going to cut the ear of when you tried to rescue I WAS SO SCARED.

Watch the funny rescue caught on camera now!

3 Responses to “Cat stuck!”

  1. Bill Utter

    Nov 17. 2015


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  2. Coral Burgett

    Nov 17. 2015

    poor baby kitty..thank you for helping to free her

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  3. Donna Talbot

    Nov 18. 2015

    Thank you for rescuing the poor fur baby.

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