Cat people rule!

It’s so fun to see and read how people defend their turf and their stand as to who is the best – cat people or dog people. You will surely notice an unending argument on the matter.

Here one of the funny viewers commented:

cats all the way 

-They do not poop everywhere

-Their small lithe bodies make it easier for transportation

-Cats have dignity and do not perform tricks

-They are cuter people say that dogs are more helpful they may be but when it comes down to it cats are better (i dont know what this says about me my profile is a dog but i prefer cats XD)

Let us know your stand by leaving us a comment below – do you think cat people rock too?

2 Responses to “Cat people rule!”

  1. Judith Whitehouse

    Jan 30. 2018

    Of course! – remember we were gods in Egypt!!

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  2. Mary Bartle Freeman

    Jan 30. 2018

    But my people were slaves in Egypt.

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