Cat people rule!

This video is not intended to wage war against dog owners out there. Come on, admit it cats and cat people rule! That’s a fact!

The owner of the video stated this as a matter of fact:

Cat people are just the best. End of discussion.

Any cat owner here would surely agree that cats are the best, in fact they are the kings and queens of the internet. They rule the world.

Well, enough said, you have to check this video out to agree with us –

Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch why cat people rules!


2 Responses to “Cat people rule!”

  1. Judith Whitehouse

    Jan 30. 2018

    Of course! – remember we were gods in Egypt!!

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  2. Mary Bartle Freeman

    Jan 30. 2018

    But my people were slaves in Egypt.

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