Big Rottweiler adopts itty bitty kitty…


Big momma Rottweiler dog adopted this itty bitty rescued kitten! Kitty now found a loving Momma in the person of this huge dog. Isn’t it touching?

Surrogate mommy even breastfed the kitty! Bless your big good heart Momma doggy!


4 Responses to “Big Rottweiler adopts itty bitty kitty…”

  1. Debbie Bixel

    Mar 08. 2018

    How sweet momma loves her baby even though it’s a kitty

  2. Christa Haynes

    Mar 08. 2018

    Why can’t humans be that kind and loving to each other?

  3. Alexa Lazcano

    Mar 08. 2018

    Broke my heart