Big man rescues tiny feral kitten and became her mom!

Who would not melt a heart for a tiny helpless hapless kitty? Well, not us, and certainly not this big bearded man. He did what he deemed was correct under the circumstances.

This man just rescued a tiny feral kitty! Hooray! Please use the “Next Page” button below to watch feral kitten get rescued by a big man! So touching!


5 Responses to “Big man rescues tiny feral kitten and became her mom!”

  1. Virginia Huber

    Sep 01. 2015

    there are many people who think strays and ferals should be destroyed, is it not a good thing God does not think that about them those animals are here for us to help not destroy

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  2. Margaret Craven

    Sep 01. 2015

    I wish he just got on with the feeding, The kitty obviously thought his beard should have milk and was starving

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    • Holley Smith

      Sep 03. 2015

      That’s right. She’s biting because she’s looking for her momma’s nipple. Bless him for saving her and giving her a chance 😀

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  3. Dana Chappell

    Sep 01. 2015

    Thank you for saving a little life. God put them on the earth to show us how to love all animals, big or small. This little kitten has shown us how giving someone a bit of help doesn’t hurt us, and really makes the person that we helped, thankful. Keep up the fantastic work. 🙂

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  4. Jean Mcrobert

    Sep 05. 2015

    both of my cats …. Mocha and Callie …. are both rescues off of the streets in the city i live in …. Callie was left in a cardboard box on a local corner …. Mocha was just left in someones yard …. they are both awesome additions to our family …. love em dearly!!

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