Olaf is mine!

It seems that Olaf is all the craze these days. Not only among kids, but also with kittens! This bunch of British Shorthair kittens are play fighting with Olaf. They are so cute beyond ... Continue Reading →

Poor Kitty!

Tiny poor kitten boy was rescued and is found in really bad shape. Poor kitten boy was all covered in fleas. They did all they could to get him back into shape. People at the shelter ... Continue Reading →

Devon Rex

For all of you who love playful cats, the Devon Rex cat breed is perfect for you. Cat lovers meet the Devon Rex, also known as the Pixie of the cat fancy. Devon Rex’s have oversized ... Continue Reading →

Bad! Bad! Bad!

If you haven’t seen a talking kitty yet, you are sure in for a great delight! This kitty is one of a kind and is sure to keep you entertained at all times, LOL! Did I caught your ... Continue Reading →

Monkey & cat fight!

This monkey is a certified peace-maker. It is as if his mantra is – make peace not war, LOL! Why? Well, he did the unthinkable when everyone else was enjoying what they were ... Continue Reading →

Treat monster!

Kitty went mad when she saw something on the cupboard. What you will see next is sure to make you laugh. Why did this kitty go crazy? What did she see in the cupboard? Please use the ... Continue Reading →

Newborn Marshmallow

A delicately soft and sweet Marshmallow. Let us welcome our newborn female baby kitten, Marshmallow, to the world, and have a toast with milk while she wiggles. Her owner shared the ... Continue Reading →

Don’t mess with me!

This video shows that you can’t mess with a big kitty especially if they are crossing a fence. In this video below, one cat antagonizing another while on the fence. The whole ... Continue Reading →

Talkative munchkin

Baby kitten munchkin is uber talkative and she is showing off for the camera. The owner of the video shared the cuteness on Video and said: Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much… Don’t ... Continue Reading →

Baby cries over kitty!

Babies and cats really go well together. In fact, babies first buddy is the resident feline pet. He is always there for his little human, ever ready to babysit, protect, play, and watch ... Continue Reading →

Walking your human

This is a cat’s ultimate guide to walking their human.You will never go wrong with their brand new funny guide, from of course, who else, but our favorite feline pals. You will ... Continue Reading →

Smack down!

This is a funny, albeit a little brutal take on two cats where the small kitty hits the big kitty on the face several times. This is really funny and amusing. Watch the reaction of ... Continue Reading →

One lazy sunday!

Sunday is often dubbed as the day of rest. So, even our cats treat is as their lazy day. On a Sunday, does your cat refuse to move too? This kitty does… He does not want to be ... Continue Reading →

Naughty British Shorthairs

What would you do if you were flocked by a bunch of uber cute British Shorthair kittens? You would surely melt with the cuteness! This is not the case at the office where these British ... Continue Reading →

Cat identity crisis

This kitty appears to be suffering from F.I.C. or the feline identity crisis. Let’s all find out why… Kitty is having a hard time figuring what she ultimately wanted to ... Continue Reading →

Mama cat calls

No person in this world ever knows us quite like our moms do. Well, that comes with parenting as a matter of obligation. For mommies, the work is just 24/7, just like this mama kitty ... Continue Reading →

Cute – sleeping & purring!

If you want cuteness, this will give it to you! This cat right here is sure to give you cuteness that is beyond words. Tiny but cute kitten is sleeping and purring all at the same time. Awww, ... Continue Reading →

Calm Down

This kitty is getting way out of hand. But, don’t worry we have here a video guide showing you how you can calm down a crazy cat. The owner of this kitty shared: Shorty needed ... Continue Reading →

Happy kitten sleeps

A happy kitten looks exactly like this cat. After a fun-filled play time, a cute happening ensues. I guess this transpires when you have all that ‘happiness’ bottled-up! ... Continue Reading →

Mean cat

We all have our fair share of bad days. Well, it’s not every day that the sky is bluer and the fields are greener where you are. There are simply bad days so to speak. But, this ... Continue Reading →