Faith In Humanity Restored

This is a great video showing how faith in humanity is restored. There are those who choose to ignore abandoned cats, but, not this person. It is our hope that more people will practice ... Continue Reading →

I Heart Balloon!

Cats, when you observe them closely are much like our human babies. They are a very playful lot. They have tons of energy for – play, play, and more play! This kitty right here ... Continue Reading →

Mama Cat Saves Babies

Indeed, nothing comes close to the love a mother has for her children. This devotion and love is unconditional and selfless. Much like our kitty counterparts. They will do everything ... Continue Reading →

Human, it’s meal time!

Cats are really persuasive creatures! Every single day, at approximately half an hour before any meal time, these adorable furballs would work together to remind their human that it ... Continue Reading →

The Purse Peekaboo Game

This is itty bitty cute Willy, and this is his story. Willy loves to play hide and seek as well as do the purse peek-a-boo game. He would do a lot of fun stuff while inside his human ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Cutest Kittens

When you thought all along that you have seen the cutest kittens, then came this video. This video compiled all the top 10 cutest kittens in the World Wide Web. For sure, you will love ... Continue Reading →

Injured Kitty – Puts Up A Good Fight

This kitten has suffered a traumatic back injury but was nursed back to good health. Despite the injury he sustained, he is not willing to give it all up. You can see him putting ... Continue Reading →

The Hammock

You will love this fluffy roll of fur! He is one hell of a cat with some serious determination. His persistence is shown in this video as he worked his way into figuring out how he ... Continue Reading →

Cat Haven – Just Purrfect!

There are cat owners who like to brag about how they pamper their pet cats. But, not this man, he made a brand new definition to pet cat pampering. You would not believe what he spent ... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Cats….

Vera is a self-professed cat lover. She would do something for cats despite the inclement weather, where no one would even bother. Especially, not for the sake of cats. But, for the ... Continue Reading →

Boomer & His Pit of Fun

Some cats are easily entertained by stuff they found around the house such as a roll of tissue, a plastic cup, and more. Not Boomer, his level of entertainment is not similar to his ... Continue Reading →


There seems to be some form of attraction between kittens, cats and human shoes and boots. Countless times when looking for a kitten it can be found playing or hiding in the shoe closet. Sometimes ... Continue Reading →

Make way for the feline drummer

Are you ready for some rockin’ action? If yes, then, make way for our rock star drummer kitty! Yep, you heard it right – this kitty is a rocker because he can play the drums ... Continue Reading →

Nap time with papa – sooo cute!

When cats are able to establish their relationship with their human parents, nothing will tear them apart! This very cute furball is taking a nap with his human dad. The footage is ... Continue Reading →


This Video features Mama Cat Tyson, with Panda, Coco and Neo. Well there’s no doubt that Neo is the budding  movie star as he captures most of the action.  Not sure if that’s ... Continue Reading →

Kitty Won’t Eat

Suddenly you become an orphan kitten owner! And…… the kitten won’t suckle from a bottle. What do you do? That’s the situation this lady found herself in and ... Continue Reading →

Cutest ragdoll kitty mad at himself!

Ragdoll kitten saw his reflection in the mirror for the very first time, and he is not so thrilled about it! LOL The 8-week old gorgeous ragdoll is not happy at all with his own reflection ... Continue Reading →

Homeless Kitten’s new home.

Watch this Video of the amazing bonding between the household cat and a homeless kitten that was brought home to keep their cat company. The abandoned kitten was brought home in the ... Continue Reading →

Kitty’s failed attempt to catch the wind…LOL!

With cats around, there is never a dull moment, they will do anything to cheer you up or keep you entertained without them even knowing it, LOL! Take for instance this kitty who’s ... Continue Reading →

One Potato…Two Potato…..

Take just a few moment and watch this highly entertaining video of Buffy the cat playing “one potato, two potato…. “. But most importantly do not miss what happens ... Continue Reading →