Making decisions

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Should I have two cats?

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Stop toilet training

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Saying I love you…

Your cat loves you, no doubt about it. But, does your cat know you love them too? Do you want to communicate to your cat that you love them too but, you don’t know exactly how? We ... Continue Reading →

Annoying kitty

Meet Merlin, the most attention-seeking cat! When he is deliberately ignored, the more he will seek his human’s attention. Such an annoying cat – in a funny, cute kind of ... Continue Reading →

Libby and her story…

This is poor Libby, and this is her story. She was a rescued kitty, who was almost left for dead at the animal shelter. A tribute to Libby and her journey from a very ill cat to a beautiful ... Continue Reading →

Cat pillow cave

Cats love anything fluffy and soft. Matter of fact, they love pillows! But, wait, is this cat in love of the pillow, or is he simply trippin’? The owner of the video shared: My ... Continue Reading →

Shocking reunion

This is a heart-warming tale of reunion between a boy and his beloved pet cat. The boy here is suffering from Autism, and he’s got a loving cat that makes him see the day through, ... Continue Reading →

Why kitty is crazy?

Like us humans, cats have their fair share of bad days too. And you can’t expect them to be happy and well behaved at all times. But, do you know why your cat is acting crazy ... Continue Reading →

Mama cat hugs!

Cats are generally loving and sweet creatures, cat owners can attest to that. There are however cats, who according to some that can be aloof and indifferent. But, as kittens, they ... Continue Reading →

Love will keep us alive!

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Loving your human 101

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Cats acting like humans!

Every day, you see the web jampacked with funny videos of cats acting like us humans. Every time a new video of cats behaving like us are made viral. Is this some kind of cat invasion? Is ... Continue Reading →

Which kitty personality?

Our feline pals possess various personality and traits. Some of them might be friendly, playful, and funny. While there are those who may be grumpy, timid, or aloof. Which of the aforesaid ... Continue Reading →

Kitty hiccups & farts!

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My cat is sick!

So, your kitty got sick. What to do now? If your cat is acting weird, vomiting, or pooping excessively, it is confirmed, your cat is sick. Expert cat owner Jackson Galaxy shows you ... Continue Reading →

Neglected kitty rescued…

This is Possum, and this is about his touching ordeal. Thank God, he was rescued. We can’t thank enough the people who stepped in and made a difference in the life of another being. The ... Continue Reading →

Cats arguing

Like us humans, cats can at times not come to terms with other cats. Cats who may have an attitude problem and so arguments and bickering are inevitable. Watch as these two cats argue ... Continue Reading →

Cat addiction!

Eight signs of addiction in cats tackled in this video. You have to watch out for these signs to tell if your cat has issues like this kitty here. The owner of the video: This video ... Continue Reading →

Mail Fetcher

You got mail? No problem, because we have a mail fetcher, LOL! The downside is, if you have important notices, you may not get it for days as you have to search for it first. His owner ... Continue Reading →