Calm Down

This kitty is getting way out of hand. But, don’t worry we have here a video guide showing you how you can calm down a crazy cat. The owner of this kitty shared: Shorty needed ... Continue Reading →

Happy kitten sleeps

A happy kitten looks exactly like this cat. After a fun-filled play time, a cute happening ensues. I guess this transpires when you have all that ‘happiness’ bottled-up! ... Continue Reading →

Mean cat

We all have our fair share of bad days. Well, it’s not every day that the sky is bluer and the fields are greener where you are. There are simply bad days so to speak. But, this ... Continue Reading →

Kitten saved!

This is the story of a cat who was spared from an impending death. Thankfully, someone stepped up and saved him from his future doom. This is a positive story that goes to show that ... Continue Reading →

Wakey, wakey!

This is a very endearing and cute cat wake up call courtesy of Romeo the cat. Romeo is a 19 – lbs. grey cat who is a wake up artist. Romeo would often wake up his human owner ... Continue Reading →

Kitty yoga

Yoga is a relaxing activity and a chance for anyone to have some introspection as they make their bodies and mind de-stress. In order to fine tune your health and overall well-being, ... Continue Reading →


Guys, let us all welcome and have a look at the cat breed known as the Tonkinese. For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the cat breed, we have come up with a video for you. One ... Continue Reading →

Cutest catfight!

This is the cutest cat fight you will ever see! Shorty and Kodi are the funniest bunch ever. You will see them playing one minute, and quarreling the next. The owner of the video shared ... Continue Reading →

Seeing the world!

Ever wonder how your feline pal sees the world? We have found the video that is right for you. This is exactly how cats see the world and other related creatures. This is what the owner ... Continue Reading →

Cat bath fails!

This is supposedly a funny video of the ultimate cat bath fail. This poor cat does not think it is so funny. Generally, cats hate the water and don’t like to take a bath. No ... Continue Reading →

Another angry cat!

The internet is so full of the cutest, most adorable, funniest, and most-talented cats. But, wait there’s more – we have the angriest cats! Ever wonder who is the angriest ... Continue Reading →

Turkish Van

Another interesting cat breed we like to share with you is the Turkish Van cat. Although it is quite an unfamiliar cat breed, it is not a new one. It was in fact recognized in 1966. Wikipedia ... Continue Reading →

Ladder stunt

This is yet again another Shorty and Kodi video. If you have not been watching the Internet lately, Shorty and Kodi are two cats who are very popular among cat fanatics worldwide. Here ... Continue Reading →

Affectionate kitty!

Many people have a misconception about cats. They thought cats are cold and are not affectionate. But, this is not true! Cats are the most affectionate and loving creatures of all. In ... Continue Reading →

Communicate with treats

Communicating with your cats can be made easy with the aid of their favorite treats. You can even train them almost every trick imaginable with the help of cat treats they love. Here ... Continue Reading →

Microwave chitchat

Cooper is a Persian cat and his videos mostly have gone viral on YouTube. It is safe to assume that Cooper is now an internet sensation. What’s not to love with Cooper by the ... Continue Reading →

Save kitty lives

Remember how your grade school teacher taught you how you too can help make a difference in this world in your own little way? Yes, that is true, you can make a difference, especially ... Continue Reading →

Funny guilty kitties!

Cats can be so adorable. However, guilty looking cats can sometimes look even more adorable! With these cats, you are in for a great surprise. Even cat owner can’t get enough ... Continue Reading →

Don’t leave me!

This cat hates it when his owner leaves for work. It is as if this cat is suffering from a separation anxiety disorder. Do you want to know what happens? Kitty just hates it when he ... Continue Reading →

Kitty cries like human baby!

Cats are notorious for making odd noises and sounds when you least expect them. At some point, you can even hear them as if telling you something or uttering real words like humans ... Continue Reading →