Polite kitty…

Cats are a sucker for the attention of their human. Oftentimes, you will find them craving for more. You see some of them perform some kitty antics just to keep their human’s ... Continue Reading →

Kitty bubble bath!

Meet Pancake the cat. Pancake is an exotic shorthair kitten who loves to take bubble baths. She wants to be groomed and kept clean always, so bathing is not an issue between her and ... Continue Reading →

Babysitting kitty while making air biscuits…

This kitty understands multi-tasking. He seems to be doing that part so well. Look at how he babysits his little human while at the same time making air biscuits, so adorable! Meet ... Continue Reading →

Cute & plump security blanket!

This furbaby can’t get enough of his plump but cute security blanket. Wondering what it is that keeps giving him a good night’s sleep? Well, this kitty sure knows how to ... Continue Reading →

Cruel Person

 I was absolutely appalled when I first read this story. This poor cat was dipped in wet concrete and left to die. How could someone be so cruel as to do something like this? Was it ... Continue Reading →

Who’s in Danger?

Racing out to the porch to see why her cat was meowing so loudly this woman was absolutely stunned to see why her cat was meowing so loudly. Perched on the railing of the small deck ... Continue Reading →

Bad Days…. everyone has one.

Can you imagine what could go wrong in the above image if Kitty is having a bad day? Most of the time our pets, and animals in general, are very friendly. But, even they can be total ... Continue Reading →

Crazy tail chaser!

Kitty is determined to catch the elusive ‘thing.’ Want to know what is it that he is trying hard to catch? Oh, that hard to catch thing, when will kitty be able to get it?  Please ... Continue Reading →

A purr-fect time to play in the snow!

These two playful kitties are having the time of their lives – playing in snow! They are delighted to be outside enjoying the cold weather where they can jump and plow through ... Continue Reading →

The Arabian Mau

You might not have heard of the Arabian Mau. It is actually a recently recognized cat breed. If you are keen on getting a cat, but you are clueless as to which cat breed to go for, ... Continue Reading →

Lazy lay low kitty…

It would appear that Timo is just too lazy to get up this morning, he simply wants to stay in bed. He took over his human’s bed and lay there like a human would. LOL Surprise, ... Continue Reading →

Wise kitty asks for help!

This kitty cat was wise enough to come looking for help. Here’s the story told by the good samaratin that took the cat in and provided the help needed: One day, a stray cat came ... Continue Reading →

Purrfect snugly cuddly furbabies!

An adorable and super cute pair of itty bitty furbabies sleep and wake up cuddled in each others’ arms. They do this every single day. All they want every single time is to cuddle ... Continue Reading →

It’s feeding time!

For anyone, feeding time is the most awaited time of the day. Especially when you are hungry, and all set to chow down. The same goes for this trio who were waiting for the feeding ... Continue Reading →

Human Care Tips For Kitty

If there is a guide for humans on how to take care of their feline pals, there is also this one unique guide that’s meant for – cats! Yes, you read that right, a guide for ... Continue Reading →

Delighted with waterbeds

Cats are innately curious animals. They love to explore and discover things in their surroundings. Things that look foreign or unusual to them are their most favorite things. Like these ... Continue Reading →

The mean kitty…

Like us humans, cats can be difficult and exhibit bad behavior. There are times that they are too hard to handle. Do you ever experience the same? What do you do to tame these difficult ... Continue Reading →

Scared of tub!

This video reinforces the fear that cats associate with water. Cats are generally aquaphobic. But, there are cat types who love to stay in the water. Most often than not, they hate ... Continue Reading →

Kitty’s Response – Answers on Demand – Well Almost.

Seriously, do we really expect kittens to answer us back? We all talk to our cats and ask questions about what they want or what they want us to do. Are we delusional or do we really ... Continue Reading →

Funny – Antelope grooms Calico cat…

The Royal Hotel Restaurant in Monrovia, Liberia have these unusual frequent visitors, the calico cat and his pal, the antelope. They found each other at the hotel grounds and they have ... Continue Reading →