Kitty rescued from the dangerous overpass highway!

In West London, UK, the cat was found perching on the barriers over the busy flyover meowing for help. Office workers nearby found the cat all terrified and about to fall from the the ... Continue Reading →

Not so happy after taking a bath!

Meet Sarah, and she is one grumpy kitty. Nevertheless, in all her grumpiness, she still manage to exude cuteness like no other. Check out what’s making Sarah act like this  – ... Continue Reading →

Kitty bubble party!

Cole and Marmalade are enjoying their catnip bubble party. It’s major fun and entertainment like no other for these felines. If you love cats, you will even love these furballs ... Continue Reading →

Kitties enjoying peanut butter with furry pals!

These furry pals together with their feline friends are enjoying their peanut butter snacks. Adorably purr-fect playmates are so enjoying their delicious meal in their personal playhouse. We ... Continue Reading →

The morning ritual!

Meet Phoebe, the cutest maine coon kitty ever. She simply adores our kids and wants their attention all the time. They even ‘bond’ every morning, performing their ‘morning ... Continue Reading →

Bath crazy kitty!

Freya is one playful ragdoll kitty. She loves playing 24/7. It is her favorite past time of all. Even during bath, this kitty goes crazy! Please use the “Next Page” button ... Continue Reading →

For St Patrick’s Day

Do we have any people who celebrate St Patrick’s Day and love a really good sale? Our Deal of The Month For February. White Unisex ... Continue Reading →

Kitty plays fetch with big toys!

This adorable feline loves to play fetch. But, it is not your ordinary fetch game play that he likes. Because this itty bitty kitty loves to play with really big toys, some that are ... Continue Reading →

Cute persian meowsic video

You may not have noticed it, but your feline furbaby possess a very heightened sense of hearing. They are very much aware of and respond very well to meows of other felines near them. Aside ... Continue Reading →

Enjoying scrumptious honeydew popsicle treat!

Summer can be really hot.  So, their humans made a delectable but refreshing treat for their furbabies to ward off the heat wave somehow. Even our furry pals can’t stand the ... Continue Reading →

The Bionic Cat

Astounding work performed by this Vet has saved the life of this courageous cat named Oscar. A farming accident severed Oscar’s rear legs and the Owner’s felt that this ... Continue Reading →

Kitty guards paper tissues!

From the very moment this feline came across this bunch of paper tissues. He has imposed upon himself the obligation of closely guarding it. No one should come near these paper tissues ... Continue Reading →

Poor newborn rescue kitty!

A man found a newborn kitten and brought it to his friend. This poor little kitten was found almost dead, cold as ice and covered in mud. They showered the poor little thing, fed, ... Continue Reading →

So, in love with my bestie!

This kitty’s name is Carlos. He is an adorable fluffy 2 year old Maine Coon kitty. His favorite pass time is cuddling. Just watch this big cat cuddle up and demand attention and ... Continue Reading →

This kitty ragdoll thinks he is a dog!

This is a one of a kind ragdoll kitty. He loves to act like a dog. And, as a matter of fact he thinks he is a dog. LOL. Have you ever seen a cat acting like a dog lately? Please use ... Continue Reading →

The feline shadow chaser!

Adorable persian kitten Mochi is so adorable and will always keep you entertained at all times. You will see her pouncing around and trying to catch something. What is it Mochi? Please ... Continue Reading →

Cat hat!

You know cats, they love perching on high places, and play on really steep posts or areas. This is but natural for cats. Cat hat, anyone? But, there are also cats who love to perch ... Continue Reading →

Signs that you are simply mad about cats!

Do you wanna know the signs and symptoms if you are a crazy cat person? The owner of this video is just mad about cats! He even retorted: I’m a crazy cat person and proud of it! ... Continue Reading →

The best of funny persian cats!

Persian cats are a playful bundle of fur! They won’t let a day pass by without giving their humans their daily dose of entertainment and fun. This human in particular caught on ... Continue Reading →

Why they are called ragdolls!

Ever wonder why ragdoll kitties are called – ‘ragdoll?’ Well, the answer is simple and straightforward. We urge you to have a look at this video footage and find ... Continue Reading →