Dalmatian Family

With 7 in a bed it looks a little difficult to get fully comfortable. Watch this Dalmatian couple who have adopted five kittens. Dalmatians Louie and Lady are professionals when it ... Continue Reading →

Mama’s first kitten

When I first heard this story I thought it starts out sad but depicts a wonderful and loving new beginning for this cat and kitten. This poor cat’s first litter of kittens saw ... Continue Reading →

Ever heard a kitty purr this loud?

Man, can this kitty purr or what. The sounding of a cat purring is music to my ears and this kitty sure can turn the volume way up. Turn your speakers on and watch this video and ... Continue Reading →

The Good , the Bad and the Ugly

Five of the rarest breeds of domestic cats. The odds may be good that you have never heard of some of these five breeds of domestic cats. You’ll find that some are crosses between ... Continue Reading →

Duct taped and thrown in a dryer

FOLLOW UP to the story from an apartment complex in Riverside where a cat was duct taped and thrown into a dryer. Mama cat reunited with her kittens. What makes this even more savage ... Continue Reading →

Baron – the cat mail receiver…

Whenever the USPS Mailman would drop off mail around lunch time, Baron the cat would wait for him and then fetch the mail for his owners. Well, it’s true that he would sit still ... Continue Reading →

Kitty meets Puppy.

When Puppies meet Kitties for the first time all sorts of things can happen. This Video captures such an encounter. Some show the dominance of a kitty and others… well kitty ... Continue Reading →

Dog steals food and frames the cat.

Have you seen this Video yet? A completely innocent cat get’s framed for a food heist. While it may be part of a commercial it just shows how cats quite often get the blame for ... Continue Reading →

Krazy Kitty

This kitten is just plain Hyper, Loco, Crazy, Out of control….. but CUTE. This Video captures the crazy attacks by this hyper kitten on totally inanimate objects. I can’t ... Continue Reading →

Kurious Kitty

When you watch enough kittens you begin to understand where the old saying “curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back” came from. This photographer was ... Continue Reading →

From Frozen Stiff to Furry, Fluffy and Healthy

Meet Elsa, the darling little ginger kitten that was discovered frozen stiff and presumed dead. Well Elsa may have used up one of her 9 lives but she has made a miraculous recovery ... Continue Reading →

A dog and his kittens

This pooch has got to rate as one of the coolest dogs ever.  Here he is videoed just hanging out resting with his three kittens. I’m figuring from the video this dog is kind, ... Continue Reading →

Recycled Kitten

Employees at this recycling center found a cute surprise during one of their shifts! Here’s a feel good story for kitten lovers. What are the odds of a days old kitten being ... Continue Reading →

Unhappy Kitty

This cat is decidedly unhappy about the new stuffed animal that has appeared in his home. He’s so unhappy he’s going to beat the snot out of it. I think there may have ... Continue Reading →

Where’s Mommy?

Where has mommy gone these two little kittens want to know. BJ and Prince were both a couple weeks old when this was recorded. BJ is the white one and Prince is the grey one. Enjoy ... Continue Reading →

Ideas For Cat Gifts

Check out this Video for ideas on what you can make for your cats as a gift. Time is the biggest cost for this one. We all know just how much cats love to play and climb in and over ... Continue Reading →

Power Wash

It’s time for a bath. Persian Mama’s power wash style. This is Sequoia and her darling little kitten Jitterbug. Like most cats, Jitterbug is not too fond of having a bath ... Continue Reading →

Meet Wiggles

  Meet Wiggles, a darling little foster kitten, actually she’s the runt of the litter but as you can see in the Video did not miss out on any of the cute factor that young kittens ... Continue Reading →

Food Can Killing the Cat

  You really must see the incredible kitten rescue that this lady accomplished for this poor kitten. His head stuck in an empty food can. Surely she saved him from certain death!!!! When ... Continue Reading →

Weeee! I just love sliding down the stairs…

This playful kitty is like no other. Why? Well, while others are simply afraid of the stairs and its many steps, not this kitty! This flight of stairs is his favorite thing! It’s ... Continue Reading →