Kittens & guinea pig…

Cats often find themselves having friends in unlikely creatures, but despite the many differences, our feline pals manage to get by and adapt. That simply means that our feline buddies ... Continue Reading →

Himalayan doll face

This is Himalayan Doll Face kittens Chocolate and Blue Point. These cats are very cute and huggable. Their playful attitude made them very close and well-loved by their humans. According ... Continue Reading →

Long haired cat grooming

One of the obligations of pet owners is to ensure that their beloved cats get the grooming and health care that they need. With the right care and grooming, you can be assured that ... Continue Reading →

Scared Siamese

Meet Izzy, the playful Lynx Point Siamese kitty.  In her spare time she would run around the house and be very playful. She would often be found very restless and playing around the ... Continue Reading →

Meet mischievous Mochi

There are times when our feline pals can get playful and naughty. But this kind of playful and naughtiness are all found to be the main personality traits of Mochi the cat. Mochi is ... Continue Reading →

Hey, that’s my tongue!

They say cats and dogs don’t go well together. I think generally that is true. But, there are times when cats and dogs can live under one roof, interact, play, and co-exist together. We ... Continue Reading →

Faster than ninja!

Cats are very well-known for their being fast. They act fast, move so stealthily that at times you cannot feel their presence, and instantly you will find them near you. Those surprising ... Continue Reading →

Ragdoll’s special hug…

These Ragdolls are the sweetest. Whoever their human loves, they adore them to bits too! Like the visiting boyfriend who was able to experience and feel first-hand how it is to be loved ... Continue Reading →

Cute furry duet!

Our feline buddies surprise us everyday with their many antics and tricks. But, these two are not showing purely tricks, they are revealing their PURR-fect talents! This is Marie & ... Continue Reading →

The first meeting…

The first meeting is always the most memorable. It is the time when lasting first impressions are made. This video is a heart warming first meeting footage of our furry pal and her ... Continue Reading →

Itty bitty calico kitty is sure to warm even the hardest of hearts!

Even if you are a person with a hard heart, you will surely melt if you come across this itty bitty cute calico kitty. You might doubt this statement. But, I urge you to check the video ... Continue Reading →

Watch out for prankster kitten!

There is no arguing that cats own the internet! With their so many antics and funny stances every single time, the World Wide Web is rife with so many viral cat videos ranging from ... Continue Reading →

Chunk sound asleep…

Meet Chunk. Chunk here is a super cute and fluffy ragdoll munchkin kitten. Chunk loves to sleep, he is very known among cats for his notorious sleeping position. His way of sleeping ... Continue Reading →

I don’t know!

Cats have the practice of making odd sounds and noises to the point that we humans presume that they are telling us something, or that they are capable of actually ‘saying’ ... Continue Reading →

Mama cat reacts to pup cry…

A mother’s instinct auto activates when something triggers it like the sound of a baby crying for instance. But, this is not a case of a baby kitten crying, for this mama cat ... Continue Reading →

Cat mesmerized by optical illusion

  KITTY SAYS: “Why is it still moving?!?! It’s not like the little red dot, I can’t touch that, but I can touch this, BUT IT STILL MOVES! WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?!?!?“   For ... Continue Reading →

Ginger cat mom fosters 6 new kittens…

Six kittens were found abandoned at a trash bag just outside the Indian Land Walmart. The kittens are approximately 8 days old, and what a coincidence as a female cat lost her kittens ... Continue Reading →

Endangered Leopard Cub

From time to time we come across a Video about a large cat breed animal. Sometimes it’s about a full grown tiger or lion and other times about a cub that’s only a few days ... Continue Reading →

Kitty trains little human about box…

Kitties are great partners for kids. Aside from keeping them entertained, your feline pals are great babysitters too. You can leave them with your babies and never worry about them ... Continue Reading →

Kitten with twisted leg lives purrfect happy life!

Sometimes, life can throw things at you, but you have to be strong for as the saying goes – when life throws you lemons, make lemonade and when life throws you scraps, make quilts. ... Continue Reading →