Another angry cat!

His owner shared why Colonel Meow was dubbed as the angriest cat ever. For your information, here’s the explanation:

Sure, a tiny, sweet looking kitty can be cute, but a grumpy, angry cat can be adorable too.

One feline from Seattle, named Colonel Meow is gaining popularity through Facebook with many people calling him the world’s angriest cat.

The cat’s owner, 28-year-old Anne Marie Avery adopted Colonel Meow last year. In August, Avery decided to set up a Facebook page with pictures and posts that refer to his followers as minions.

Avery states “I just wake up every morning and I can barely think and I look over at him and he makes me laugh out loud”.

Colonel Meow is described as an easygoing kitty, but his face is one of a kind. Surrounded by a fluffy mess of fur, he has two piercing eyes and what appears to be a permanent frown. The cat’s Facebook pages averages 1,000 additional likes per day.

Well, looks can indeed be very deceiving, LOL!

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