[VIDEO] – An Eagle, a fox and 2 cats

How often do you see and eagle, a fox and 2 cats hanging out together. On the back porch of this home that is being remodeled an unusual trio of animals are captured on this video. Sounds like at least the cats and the fox would love to come inside the house to warm up a little.

I’m not quite sure but I doubt the eagle could be talked into coming inside. What do you think? Watch this video.


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  1. Denise Lefholz Tyson

    Jan 14. 2015

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  2. Caz Homer

    Mar 30. 2015

    So let them in ….. obviously they are frozen — snow’s a bit of hint of that !

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  3. Connie Brown

    Mar 30. 2015

    Hell yes let them in! They seem like friends! Feed em too!

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