Amazing tripod kitten runs real fast!

This tripod kitty was unfortunately thrown out of a moving vehicle at barely 8 weeks. He was saved and brought to Headon Forest Animal Clinic where he got an operation, sadly he lost a leg – but not the will to live!

Well, who needs four legs when you are Furiosa? Nothing will ever bring this kitty down!

Now, that’s the spirit!

4 Responses to “Amazing tripod kitten runs real fast!”

  1. Margaret Craven

    Apr 02. 2017

    Very capable kittie. Just a little bit cute too

  2. Kristin Toomey

    Apr 02. 2017

    I had a three legged cat and she was fast as greased lightning! lol Far from disabled and absolutely adorable!! <3

  3. Willow Richards

    Apr 02. 2017

    Beautiful little one, that doesn’t let ANYTHING stop him♡♡♡ =^..^=

  4. Julie Rowbotham

    Apr 02. 2017

    So cute,Munchkin my cat says hi