Amazing tripod kitten runs real fast!

This is Furiosa, a tripod kitty who is three legged. But, despite his three legs, he enjoys life like any regular kitty and he does not feel any differently. He can literally bring the house down with all the hopping, jumping, racing around the house like your regular 4-legged feline!

Ginger kitty runs so fast that he does not even care he is a tripod!
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4 Responses to “Amazing tripod kitten runs real fast!”

  1. Margaret Craven

    Apr 02. 2017

    Very capable kittie. Just a little bit cute too

  2. Kristin Toomey

    Apr 02. 2017

    I had a three legged cat and she was fast as greased lightning! lol Far from disabled and absolutely adorable!! <3

  3. Willow Richards

    Apr 02. 2017

    Beautiful little one, that doesn’t let ANYTHING stop him♡♡♡ =^..^=

  4. Julie Rowbotham

    Apr 02. 2017

    So cute,Munchkin my cat says hi