Amazing first 4 weeks of life for 4 Kittens.

Amazing first 4 weeks of life for 4 Kittens. Here’s what happened to these four little kittens in the first month of their short lives.

They were abandoned.

They were Rescued.

They were adopted.

Sounds good, but fairly routine you might think. The interesting twist to this story is the adoptive mother.

You see, the four kittens were adopted Brook a German Shepard dog.

The four kittens are Sam (aka Chunky Monkey) the clouded tabby male, Suzie (aka Little Girl) the clouded tabby female, Savannah (aka Smokey) striped tabby female and Sky (aka Little Black Mamba) black male with white front paws and spot on his chest.



Thanks to the good folks at CreekValleyCritters for looking after these four little kittens.


10 Responses to “Amazing first 4 weeks of life for 4 Kittens.”

  1. Janice Adams

    Apr 01. 2018

    Cute kitty sleep

  2. S.j. Munn

    Apr 01. 2018

    Thank you for helping these precious animals,,,,,

  3. Beata Kościelska

    Apr 01. 2018

    Poczula sie matka, troskliwa, opiekuncza i bezgranicznie oddana.

  4. Connie Parkin

    Apr 01. 2018

    A cute sleepy kitty

  5. Kelly J Stowers

    Apr 01. 2018

    Great Job,
    Mama Brook
    That one baby lying on
    Your tail that baby
    Brook All Your Babies
    Are So Adorable,
    I love kitty’s I have 2
    Boys & their are the
    Love of my life…
    Again Brook Your are

  6. Christine Pauze

    Apr 01. 2018

    A must see so sweet

  7. Lois Sepahrom

    Apr 01. 2018

    Just adorable, what a good Mommy, bridging the species.

  8. Mary Bryson

    Apr 01. 2018

    God Bless you and your doggy.

  9. Terri Petit

    Apr 01. 2018

    that is so beautiful and touching !

  10. Sylvia Acker

    Apr 01. 2018

    So. So sweet