Adorable Kitty Giving His Best Friend Cat A Hug… SOO Cute!!

Date: 2015-08-09 22:46:33

Charlie was adopted as a kitten after being found abandoned in a wheat field. He was helpless and without a mom, but thankfully the story doesn’t end here… — After The Meow Post rescued him and brought him in, he was fed and given all the proper shots and medicine. We nursed him back to health and regained energy.

Charlie the adopted kitty instantly bonded with Chloe the other cat in our office. Charlie and Chloe became best friends and absolutely adore each other. This video is just a snippet of the love they share. He adores his friend that helped him through the hard time as he was recovering…

Ever since being rescued he has given back more then ever! He’s the most adorable jewel anyone could ever ask for! We like to say he is the best ’employee’ anyone could ever have because he helps us blog every day on… He’s the best inspiration ever!

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