A catnip reaction!

This cat is unbelievable, for while some cats are going gaga over catnip, this cat dislikes it!  Her reaction was so funny and amusing, viewers can’t help but comment:

There are many different varieties of catnip. Maybe your cat would like a different one. Funny! : )

Cats have two noses, sort of. She’s opening her mouth to let her 2nd nose smell it, it needs further analysis.

Hahahaha, she doesnt like it! not every cat likes it.

Watch and Enjoy!

2 Responses to “A catnip reaction!”

  1. Charlotte Taylor

    Nov 12. 2015

    My sneakers is like that. He’s orange and white.

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  2. Patti Hall

    Nov 13. 2015

    My cat is not crazy about it.

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