This is how to workout with cats around!

We all know that there are some things we can’t do properly with our cats around. Like working out for instance, it’s impossible to complete a workout with your cats ... Continue Reading →

Kitty playing with leaves in the backyard!

Kitty is out in the backyard as his human is busy doing a little fall clean up. They were raking the leaves off the ground. Suddenly, kitty thought of something fun. I think you will ... Continue Reading →

Hamster ball mania!

The moment these feline furballs discovered the hamster balls, the ensuing scene is just pure – R-I-O-T.  The hamster balls were just a hit and these cats found them too ‘hot’ ... Continue Reading →

Hey, play with me puhleaaseee!

Little kitten asks another kitty to play. But it seems the other feline is not in the mood. Have a look at how she would make use of her convincing powers just so the other furbaby ... Continue Reading →

Furballs go on a climbing frenzy!

Cats are explorers, they want to explore the things around them. They won’t give up unless they have satisfied their curiosity. Well, you can’t blame them, especially when ... Continue Reading →

Stop the piano & listen to me first!

This feline is craving his human’s attention. But his human is busy tapping the piano keys. Will she first tend to her feline pal, or will she continue playing the piano. This ... Continue Reading →

Snapper welcomes mommy from work!

Snapper is one happy kitty. She radiates her warmth in the household where she belongs. She is one bundle of joy, and apple of the eye of her humans. When her human mom arrives from ... Continue Reading →


Some of the sneakiest and stealthiest spies around are securely hiding right in our homes. Watch this Video and you’ll realize just how much they spy on us. And just how clever ... Continue Reading →


Mama cats may be the most protective parents in the animal kingdom. This Video shows that it does not matter how big the assailant is, she will defend her offspring regardless. I’m ... Continue Reading →

Sitting – Chill like a boss!

Felines are acting like humans more and more each day. You will see them act and behave like humans would. This is not unusual, considering that they interact with humans most of the ... Continue Reading →

I’ll get the phone for you!

This feline is so funny, whenever the home telephone rings, he does the unthinkable.  What is it that this feline kept doing whenever the phone rings? Can’t believe it? Well, ... Continue Reading →

Adorable furball want hugs all the time!

This adorable furball is so loving and clingy! She does not want to leave her human mom’s side. She always hugs her and wants to be hugged at all times. Is this some kind of separation ... Continue Reading →

Let’s play soccer…!

Meet Sissi, the budding soccer player. She loves playing with her human and she is one great kitty soccer player! Her human can attest to her awesome soccer playing skills! Her human ... Continue Reading →

Stray cat rescued & she doubled the fun and surprise!

A stray cat came to my Mom’s house with a big belly bump. No one really noticed and of course they took her in. They were unaware that they were in for double the FUN and SURPRISES! To ... Continue Reading →

I was held hostage!

These five furbabies are taking their human hostage. Why? How? Well, this home video shows it all. Take a look at how these funny quintuplets have held their human daddy hostage.  They ... Continue Reading →

Furbaby learning how to bottle-feed…

This baby rescued kitten is learning how to drink from a milk bottle. It may be a challenge at first. But this itty bitty kitten is not giving up. One lesson in life this baby kitty ... Continue Reading →

FACT: Yawning is contagious- Even in felines!

Yawning is contagious. Even just the thought of it can make one yawn. If you haven’t noticed it yet, watch  when someone in a crowd yawns, it spreads like a virus! Even this ... Continue Reading →

Itty bitty kitty and daddy – just too cute for words!

Itty bitty kitten and his human have this cute habit of going to sleep together. Kitty wants to be all snug and cozy in his human daddy’s arms. Aww, this is just too cute for ... Continue Reading →

Kitty mimics lucky cat!

Taro the cat was given one of those little wind up good lucky cats. It’s one of those Chinese cats that kept on waving and is believed to bring luck. Taro mimics the lucky cat ... Continue Reading →

Cat massage and chilling out like a boss!

This is Romeo the cat, and he surely knows how to relax. This cat will show you the right way to chill out as he gets his much-needed massage. Chill out like a boss with Romeo. Please ... Continue Reading →