Ragdolls – The perfect companion

I love the look of Ragdoll cats and when I saw this Video it struck me that the description given in the Video did not match with what I had seen in the personalities of other people’s ... Continue Reading →

6 hungry kittens…

These six rescue kittens are soo hungry! When kittens are this hungry, they can all be so unruly and make loud noises as if demanding more food. Even when they are very well fed this ... Continue Reading →

I bet you can’t!

With ten Sphynx cats around, I sure bet you couldn’t make the bed either! Have a look at how this cat owner struggles in making the bed with all of her ten sphynx cats playing ... Continue Reading →

Orange is……

Did you ever watch the television series ‘Orange is the new black’? Basically it’s all about Piper Chapman who is a public relations executive with a career and a ... Continue Reading →

Meet spider-cat!

There comes a stage in a cat’s life when they are at their most active. They are frisky, playful, hyper-active, you name it – cat’s are it, and they can’t stay ... Continue Reading →

Is she a copy cat?

  A copy cat is someone you don’t want to become. It’ s a common expression told of people who like copying other folk in terms of style, what they do, eat, wear, ... Continue Reading →

Guest caught on tape….

A guest is someone you take into your home, welcome, feed, and shelter, but he is absolutely NOT someone who is allowed to abuse your cat! Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened ... Continue Reading →

Alley cat with extraordinary tale.

There are so many abandoned and neglected cats on the streets of the world that it breaks my heart. Such lovely, lovable animals being left to an outdoor life with out any love or tenderness. ... Continue Reading →

2 Day Old Kitten – Rescued

Did you meet Roscoe, a very lucky young kitten who was rescued near to death by a puppy playing in the back yard. How did the kitten get there? No one knows, but it sure is fortunate ... Continue Reading →

This blind cat opened my eyes to a world I never knew existed.

Homer is your not-so-ordinary cat, he is a black cat and he is blind. He was an abandoned cat who was later salvaged by a loving parent in the person of Gwen Cooper. People are skeptical ... Continue Reading →

Scratch me like crazy!

As if suffering from a ten-year old itch that kept plaguing him, this cat wanted to be scratched like crazy. And so he gets the kind of scratching he is longing for. This cat has a ... Continue Reading →

Why we don’t sweep the floor when these furbabies are around…

The instant someone picks up the broom for a sweep, these furbabies would immediately mess around the broomstick.  Regardless of how hard someone attempts at trying to get the place ... Continue Reading →

Kittens Hate Hats

This Video was made to show cute little kittens (and I mean little) prancing around in strange hats. What it turned out to be, in my opinion, is a good instructional video for kittens ... Continue Reading →

Ugly Pictures of Cats

This Video was billed as “World’s Ugliest Cats” but I think maybe World’s Ugliest Pictures of Cats” may be more appropriate. Now, some of these cats certainly ... Continue Reading →

Welcome to kitty’s hi-rise apartment…

  Don’t you just love it when your furbabies are so playful and independent that they find ways to entertain themselves all on their own? These kittens found a purr-fect ... Continue Reading →

I want to play…MEOW!

Kitty’s Dad plays League of Legends video game with his furball around, however this uber active kitty wants to join in the fun too! I guess many of you can relate with the situation. ... Continue Reading →

Alert – feline ambush under the covers!

This is Prankie.  Prankie is a kitty with a good sense of humor. He always play pranks on humans. He would often go ‘stealth mode’ under the covers and wait for someone ... Continue Reading →

Cute kitty can’t sleep without rabbit doll…

  Like humans, cats spend a great chunk of their lifetime sleeping. As a matter of fact, cats actually spend as much as two-thirds of their lives sleeping according to most research. ... Continue Reading →

Feline’s idea of a workout

How do you motivate a cat to workout and lose a little weight? Well……. um….ahh…… what do you do? Here’s a Video of what a Feline’s idea of ... Continue Reading →

5 Feral Kittens Rescued

Great story of 5 feral kittens that were rescued just a few short days prior to this video being taped. Yvonne shows how she works to tame feral kittens so they will be adoptable just ... Continue Reading →